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Help! I Suspect My Child is Using Drugs

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What do you do when you suspect that your child is using drugs?

This can be a very challenging time for a parent when they realize that their child could be using drugs. Some can blame themselves, others panic, while others react in a way that makes the whole situation worse.

How then should a parent react? Here a few tips.

First, gather the available evidence that shows that your child could be using drugs. This can also help you know what drug that your child is using. Check the behavior of the child to confirm for sure that they are actually using drugs.

Create some time to talk to your child about it, ensuring that they are sober. Let the child know that you are just concerned about their welfare, and ensure privacy during the conversation. In the conversation, share your concerns and point out some of the evidence that you have seen. Avoid being judgmental and or confrontational, as this could create a barrier between you and the child.

You should expect the child to get angry or deny. This is normal, as they are in denial. Assure them that you are available to talk to them.

If it turns out that they are suing drugs, find a way to help them. Most likely they are just experimenting on drugs and may not need any rehabilitation. They just need some guidance.

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