About Hope and Future Rehabilitation Center

by Hope and Future Rehab Team

Break Free from Addictions

Hope and Future Family Rehabilitation Center started as community project in the year 2008, when a team led by our Founder Ken Muriuki came together to solve the problem of rampant drug use among young people in Kenya.

As faith based community project, the rehab sort to solve the needs of those addicted to drugs, including many people who could not afford the cost of rehabilitation. Through world of mouth and publicity in the streets, word spread around and we saw a number of people developing interest in coming to the rehab and fighting drug addiction.

In the first days, the rehab ran a number of projects to sustain the outreach activities and the rehabilitation work. Community projects involved included farming and business activities. Fish farming, dairy cows and a barbershop were some of the first income generating projects. The members would also participate in sports and drama both as a tool for rehabilitation and also to raise publicity about the center.

The center graduated the first cohort of five recovered addicts in February 2009, followed by a second one of similar number in May 2009.  

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

– Carl Bard

Towards Self Sufficiency

Through support from different stakeholders such as the International BlueCross Society and Feuerherz Kenia, Hope and Future Rehabilitation Center was formally established and we were able to put up structures to house more drug addicts. This saw the construction of our current facility which has the capacity to host 40 people.

In the last 13 years, the rehab has successfully rehabilitated over 600 people and largely become self supporting financially.  Hope and Future Rehab is also accredited by NACADA, which is Kenya’s top body that deals with drug abuse.

We offer several services, including residential rehabilitation, addiction counselling and medical intervention. We have offer 10 staff on the ground who help with running day to day activities, and serve people from all over Kenya.

Getting admitted into the Rehab

As a faith based center, we are open to people from all backgrounds including different religions and regions.

We also recognize that the journey to recovery can be a difficult one, especially when the addict has not made the decision to be sober on their own. We therefore work with family members and next of kin to ensure that the addict understands that they need help and should come to the rehab.

Should you be interested in discussing how we can help a loved one, kindly get in touch with us through the contacts here.